All Team Registration is Due by Sunday, February 5.

Two things are due by the Registration Deadline: Team Rosters and Team Cards

Team Rosters

Team Rosters are done in the Tournament Registration System.  Please follow the directions to correctly create your team rosters.

1. Log into your Total Global Sports Team Account & Select the team from the menu.
2. Once on the Team Dashboard, on the left hand side of the menu bar, please select "My Events."
3. Select VDA College Showcase Cup from your events.
4. Once on the VDA College Showcase Dashboard, on the left hand side of the menu par, please select "Event Roster."
5. Once you have selected "Event Roster," this is where you will input all players participating in the VDA College Showcase.  
6. Each player must have a unique e-mail address to be registered and you will have to put a position in for them (players will have the opportunity to go back and edit).  All players (including guest players) that are participating in the event need to be on this roster.

Team Cards 

Team Cards will be scanned and e-mailed to  All cards must be either USYS/VYSA or US Club and may not be mixed.  

Once the roster has been finalized, please send the player cards in to be checked with the Event Roster.  Teams may have no more than (6) guest players per team.

Completion of Registration can be found here: College Showcase Registrations 

Medical Releases

Each team must have with them for all matches a Medical Release Form.  THESE FORMS DO NOT NEED TO BE SUBMITTED, but need to be with the team at all times during the event.


How do I add a guest player? 

Step 1: Obtain the guest players current player card and medical release form Step 2: Add the guest player to the roster online.

Can I add a player after the Deadline?  

No, All rosters are final at 7PM on the Due date (see above).

What is a "mixed" roster?  

USYS/VYSA and US Club are two DIFFERENT rostering organizations.  You can not have an US Club roster with VYSA/US Soccer passes.

Any questions: PLEASE CONTACT: