Prince William Courage Tournament Series has the following rules related to Tournment Acceptance/Refund Policy.

If you would like to be considered for participation, please complete the online tournament application.  Payment of the application fee may be made by either Credit Card or by mailing a check to the PWSI Clubhouse.   Our online system will accept Visa & Mastercard.  Credit Cards will not be processed until your team has been accepted into the tournament.  APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED SUBMITTED AND COMPLETE UNTIL EITHER A CHECK HAS BEEN RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICE OR A CREDIT CARD PAYMENT HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED.

Entry fees are:

Age Group: Entry Fee
DMV Premier Cup:  11U-12U $815.00 13U-14U $830.00 15U-19U $850.00
President's Day College Showcase: 13U-19U $649.00 
Icebreaker: 9U-10U $695.00 11U-12U $730.00 13U-14U $775.00 15U-19U $795.00

Entries after the deadline date of each event (posted in each tournament rules) will not be considered for acceptance but may be retained for wait list consideration if an accepted team drops.  Teams that are accepted but payment is declined may lose a spot in the tournament.


  1. Refund Policy: In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances out of the Tournaments control leading to a Full Event Cancellation, Prince William Courage Tournament Series may refund a maximum of 25% of the Tournament's Registration Fees.
  2. The event will be offering Registration Saver for Tournament and Event Travel Insurance.  This is an additional cost for each participant and is based on the rate of 6% of the travel and individual players cut of tournament registration.  This policy must be filled out no later than 15 days prior to the event.  Registration Saver Policy and Disclaimers.
  3. Teams that drop in writing prior to the event deadline will be given refunds minus a $50.00 administration fee.  No refunds will be granted for teams dropping after the event deadline.
  4. Team Selections are made based upon an evaluation of teams record, State, Regional, and National results as well as their results in other tournaments.  The tournament committee will pay more attention to who you play and how you do against them, not just what competition you play in.

Acceptance notifications will be e-mailed around 5 weeks prior to event.  Early acceptance may be granted for teams traveling outside of Virginia, or Clubs that have previous agreements with the Tournament Committee assuming that payment has been received at the time of application submission.

Applications will be accepted from teams affiliated with USYSA and US Club Soccer.