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VDA Girls ECNL Frequently Asked Questions

How often will VDA Girls ECNL teams train?
VDA ECNL teams will train 3 days per week. Additional sessions and/or breaks will be scheduled by the coaches as appropriate. 

Can VDA Girls ECNL player participate in school sports?

Yes. ECNL players are allowed to participate in school sports, including soccer. However, all decisions to participate in other activities must be made inclusive of the VDA staff with clear communications on conflicts, as well as physical and academic workload.

What events will VDA ECNL teams attend?
ECNL teams are required to attend a minimum number of National Events per age group:

  • U13 - 0 Required Regular-Season Events
  • U14 - 0 Required Regular-Season Events
  • U15 - 1 Required Regular-Season Events
  • U16 - 3 Required Regular-Season Events
  • U17 - 3 Required Regular-Season Events
  • U19 - 1 Required Regular-Season Event

National Events

  • To be determined

Each event is scheduled as a three-day tournament (one game per day) throughout the year, which allows teams to play opponents from other parts of the country, and attract college coaches to the U15-U19 events.

In addition, VDA staff will select appropriate tournaments and showcases such as CASL, VDA Showcase, Jefferson Cup, etc... for each team to compliment league play and increase college coach exposure. 

How many players will VDA ECNL teams carry on the roster?
ECNL allows up to 30 players on each roster with no more than 18 on a game day roster. VDA expects to carry a full-time roster of approximately 18 players at U13-U15 age groups and 20-22 at U16-U19.

VDA will continue to have Developmental Players to provide opportunities for deserving players. Players must be on the PWSI or VSA NPL roster to be eligible.

Roster flexibility in the ENCL allows VDA staff to work with players to create an individual development plan that includes training and matches to include providing meaningful minutes to players who are recovering from injury or have limited minutes on a given weekend. 

What is the cost of VDA ECNL?
Team/travel fees estimates can be found on the Town Hall Recaps HERE

Will VDA ECNL team needs to buy a new uniform?
2020-21 is the second year of the two-year uniform cycle for VDA, PWSI and VSA. New players will be required to purchase the uniform. Returning players will be required to purchase new items only.