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VDA College Showcase

Contact Jeff Broderson for multi-team discounts at

Welcome to the 2021 VDA College Showcase,  the showcase is now entering its 8th year! We had a great event with more than 90 Colleges & University Divisions 1, 2, & 3 represented. With several top level National program (ECNL, GAL, & MLS Next) teams & State and Regional Champions attending, this event is kept small to attract the top teams in region with as much exposure as possible for each team & player. We look forward to another year of expansion! 

This event is open to 13U-19U teams that wish to participate.

This event is a limited field of two divisions per age group with a max of 16 teams per age group, for both boys and girls.  The format will be one game a day with each team receiving 2 games.  All games will be played on Saturday & Sunday this year.

Girls & Boys Dates: February 13-14, 2021
Application Fee: $649.00

Club discounts are available.  Please contact the Tournament Director, Jeff Broderson, with any questions.

Application deadline is Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Make sure to follow us @VDAsoccer on twitter for Flash Sale opportunities.

Game Day Protocols, Guidelines, & Field Information

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic VDA has implemented safety protocols at VDA Facilities until further notice. Please read through this thoroughly. If you have questions or concerns regarding these safety protocols please contact the VDA Staff. Staff contact information can be found at

Any player, parent, or spectator who has symptoms of, has been in contact with, or has tested positive for COVID-19 should not attend games. 

Players, Coaches, and Spectators are required to wear a mask when not participating in activity, especially when walking to and from the fields. Per Virginia COVID Protocols no more than 25 spectators may attend the game. Each team will have no more than 12 spectators. This does not include coaches or staff members. 

Please follow signage at the fields for spectator areas, player and coach entrance and exits. All diagrams can be found here for games. 

Parent & Spectator Guidelines

  1. Please stay in your car until 5 minutes before kick-off 
  2. Maintain 10 feet of social distancing between families 
  3. Maintain 10 feet distance from the field fencing, DO NOT enter the field
  4. Sit in designated Home & Away areas *keeping social distancing
  5. Return to your car after the game, do not wait for your son/daughter at the player exits
  6. Do not congregate in groups near any entrance or exit 
  7. On Prince William County Property all Spectators must be wearing a face covering. 
  8. No tents are allowed on sidelines or by parents (please bring an umbrella for individual shade) 
  9. No use of permanent benches, pop up benches, or bleachers

Player Guidelines 

  1. Players will exit cars for the field no more than 5 minutes before warm-ups are set to begin. 
  2. Players will enter and exit designated areas. 
  3. Players will NOT congregate near entry points, players must maintain 10 feet of social distancing
  4. Players may not share water
  5. Players will hang bags on fence posts or at cones laid out by coaches to maintain social distancing guidelines
  6. Players will wear masks when on the sidelines and not in games or training activities, especially when moving to and from cars. 
  7. While on the sidelines players will maintain social distancing, sitting at cones set up by coaches. If a player wants to bring a chair only they can use it. 
  8. No tents are allowed on sidelines or use of benches 

Coaches & Staff 

  1. Coaches are recommended to wear masks to and from fields 
  2. Coaches will maintain social distancing from players during games - no team huddles.
  3. Coaches will set areas for players to sit (maintaining 10 feet social distance) & warm-up areas on the sidelines 
  4. PWSI Staff will disinfect balls and goals during change over between games 

Interested in Refereeing?

VDA has selected Jesse Rosenthal, USSF Assignor, to select the referees and referee coaches for our tournament to ensure that our matches are officiated with the highest quality officials in Region 1.   Prospective referees and referee coaches should submit their respective availability at the following address: